*Access to Kendall gym is through parking garage connected to school*

The Spiked City DC Tryout fee is $60. Players may attend one of the two available tryout dates. Once one date is selected and registered for, it is not transferrable. Tryout fee is non-refundable.

In order to tryout for Spiked City DC, every player must complete the following steps:

1. Register with CHRVA

The Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association (CHRVA) governs our regional competitions. CHRVA requires that all players register before they can tryout for Spiked City DC. When you register for tryouts, the online system will ask for your CHRVA number; so it is important to register PRIOR to tryouts. The cost of a year-long membership for juniors is $50. There is an option to get a temporary tryout membership at a lower cost, but if you are offered a spot with Spiked City DC, you will have to upgrade to the full year membership to participate. Also, you do not have to select an affiliate club until you are offered a position and accept. Choose NO CLUB until you decide.


You will also want to bring a copy of your CHRVA/USAV membership to tryouts.

To register with CHRVA, CLICK HERE


2. USAV Medical Release Form Completed

The USAV Medical Release Form should be completed and submitted during online tryout registration. Please attach electronically when prompted. To download the USAV Medical Release Form, CLICK HERE


3. USAV Age Definitions for 2019-2020

When trying out, it should be known what age group you are a part of. Also, many players/parents may want their daughter to play with players that are in the same grade level. If you have questions about age definitions/grade level play, contact us. CLICK HERE for the Age Definitions Chart


4. Register for Spiked City DC Volleyball Tryouts

The next step is to register below and prepare for Spiked City DC tryouts. There is a non-refundable $60 tryout fee to be paid online to complete tryout registration.  

Tel: (202) 408-1618    

Email: info@spikedcitydc.com

Mail: PO Box 29558, Washington, DC 20017

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